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Tile and Metal Roof Repairs

The team at Roof Restoration Coffs Harbour cares about your roof that protects you and your family. This is why we specialise in roofing repairs. Our experts can fix all types of roofs and roofing problems.

If a roof leak is left unchecked it can lead to internal damage and potentially mold and further issues. It is best to address all leaking roofs as promptly as possible so that they do not esculate into major issues or even potentially structural problems. This is particularly true for older roofs that can be more susceptible to roof leaks. We highly recommend repairs be addressed in a timely manner. Scheduled maintenance can also help to prevent any roofing issues.

Please note that our roof repairs are based on an initial roof inspection. These recommendations may vary from minor repairs to full roof replacements. We provide a free roof inspection so that we can identify the most cost effective solution for your roofing needs.

We will make an appointment that best suits your schedule. One of our licensed and experienced tradesmen will perform an inspection on your roof. We will provide you with a detailed roof report on the work that is required and the best option available.


We take the time to sit down with you and explain the report and our findings on the condition of your roof. This is to help and educate you on what options are available to you and the individual needs of your roof.


Our friendly team will make the final arrangements for a time that suits you to begin the work that you have agreed upon. We know that you are busy and that is why we pride ourselves on always being on time and completing each job in a timely manner and within budget.


Recommendations may range from minor repairs to major structural work. You will receive a quote for a cost-effective solution for your roof. We can compare prices with other companies so you can make an informed decision.


We are not like some of our competitors and leave your property in a mess. Part of our service includes our thorough "leave no trace clean up". We give you peace of mind by completing our comprehensive checklist so that all works are completed to the highest standards.


Our Roof Repair Services Include

Replace any damaged roof tiles
Re-point and re-bed of ridge capping
Gutter and downpipe repairs
Flashing leaks
Storm damage or debris clearing
Internal damage leak detection
Skylight roof repairs
Metal screw replacement

Our team is headed by Nathan Locke who takes great pride in providing excellent job quality & reliability

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